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Dr. Feder's Mega 1 Renewal System Face Cream

1.7 oz

Price: $ 150.00

Mega I Renewal System Face Cream is major breakthrough in cosmetic medicine- the only topical product that is truly effective in rejuvenating the visible and invisible signs of aging. Dr. Feder has composed this unique renewal complex cream of potent antioxidants, Vitamins C and E, combined in a special soothing green tea extract base with glycolic acid and a powerful Retinoid, incorporated with the new Q-some delivery system. Mega I Renewal System Face Cream's ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and not only removes aged skin cells, but also help new cells to rebound and rejuvenate, giving the skin a glowing, healthy look. This unusual product took Dr. Feder and his scientific staff two years to develop as it was created as a completely new idea and therapy. This product is not available anywhere else, but from Dr. Feder!

To Use: Apply on your face every evening with gentle circular motions until the cream disappears. If the skin is too dry, discontinue use for 1 or 2 days.

Note: Dr. Feder's products are neither returnable nor refundable under New York State Health Department regulations.

Patient Testimonials

 Russian Aptos Threads

Dr. Feder took 15 years from my face in less than 2 hours. He did lipo sculpture on my neck, Aptos threads to my eye brows and my own fat to my cheeks. It was amazing! He has not only the greatest hands, but he also listend carefully to what I wanted and gave me great results. I love it!

Olga Kazassian, Real Estate Agent, Moscow.

 Autologous tissue transplantation (fat transfer)

I always wanted fuller lips, higher eye brows, fuller cheeks. Dr. Feder really achieved what I wanted.

Social Worker, Sweden.

 Liposculpture Neck

I always had double chin and a thick neck, which I could not lose with any kind of diet or exercise. Dr. Feder gave me a new profile and a thinner neck, I am really happy!

Bruce M., Stock Broker, New York, NY.

 Dr. Feder is a brilliant professional!

Dr Feder is a brilliant doctor he is using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools and he have cured hundreds of patients with minimally invasive procedures, where other doctors have recommended life scarring procedures. When it comes to diagnostic and therapeutic dermatological procedures no one is more skillful and better educated in the field than Dr. Lewis Feder. He lectures around the world on the latest procedures he has helped to develop.



Dr Lewis Feder, has always been a caring doctor. My roseaca is gone, no more brown spots, the skin has been ligthened, it now radiates health. Many people admire my healthful look. My secret weapon is Dr Feder and his skin care line. I do hope this note helps someone else. I am very happy!

Philanthropist, New York, NY.


Dr. Feder is the best dermatologist. He not only treated my acne within weeks, but also gave me the best cosmetic advice about my face. I also use Mega 1, Mega 2 and Triple Therapy pads- brilliant products, with active ingredients that really work! I love these products. Since I use them daily my skin looks clear and youthful and feels very pleasant.

Technical Design Manager, New York, NY.

 Dr. Feder is simply the best!

To maintain my appearance I frequently visit Dr. Feder- he is simply the best with Botox and fillers, he has no equal! He has wonderful hands and is very gentle. I am a high-profile fashion professional and my appearance in front of clients is essential. Dr. Feder helps me look my best!

Kim Thompson, Owner of Thompson Models Agency, New York, NY.

 I can not live without Dr. Feder's Products!

Dr. Feder and his staff are outstanding. Dr. Feder is the utmost professional in his field. He is understanding, gentle and a true professional! His products are terrific and I can't live without them. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

Anna Kulinova, Actress and Model, New York, NY.

 Dr. Feder is a genius when it comes to cosmetic procedures!

My visits in Dr. Feder's office are always very exciting. He is a genius when it comes to cosmetic procedures for the face. He is an artist and the results he achieved make me more than happy!

Janine Edington, Real Estate Agent, Southampton, NY.

 Thank you for the vibrant youthful look!

Dr. Feder makes time stand still for me. I have used his wonderful creams and lotions this past year with amazing results. I especially like his fantastic PABA free sunblock that I wear daily to filter out harmful UVA & UVB overexposure. As a past surgical scrub (whom is very familiar with Mohs micrographic surgical procedure wherein skin cancers are excised) I love the confidant feeling I have knowing that I am protected from sun damage. Thank you for the vibrant youthful look.

CC Carr, Business Owner and Philanthropist, New York, NY.

 I love my new body!

When I was first introduced to Dr. Feder, I was impressed by his kind, warm attitude. I needed liposculpture on my belly, hips and thighs. The procedure was done with the utmost care with great results in his certified operating room. Three weeks later I was on the beach. I love my new body!

Lina Andreasson, Art Dealer, Chicago.